Starting from receiving scrap to our yard till processing, segregating and packing it passes through various quality control. Materials go through Radiation check, Magnetic segregation, pressing machine, metal shears and we check piece by piece with Niton analyzer and if required we check in laboratory for detailed analyzes and we guarantee quality of our products.

Radiation check

Our facility has TAEI (TURKISH ATOM AND ENERGY INSTITUTION) radiation detector installed in the gate. All the incoming and outgoing trucks goes trough and checked for radiation. Plus all incoming scrap is checked with Thermo brand hand held sensitive radiation detector for final check.

Quality control

Firstly we check materials magnetically identify impurities and ferritics. Than we use two Niton hand held analyzers for checking materials piece by piece. We make sure there is no contamination on the material. Once the materials is done for checking we guaranty quality of our product.

Final check and packing

Once we are sure about the quality of the materials, we cut to sizes as per our customers' requirements or bale it in our 30x30x30-40 cm baler and pack for easy loading/unloading. Finally weight of the pallets and labels are checked for our inventory and logistic purposes.