Why work with us?

Koca Metal prepares raw material from scrap metal. Be rest assured you get right material, with right quality on time.

Koca Metal checks materials piece by piece, cuts according to your requirements, packs for easy handling and keeps stock for you. So, you can plan your production increase your productivity and perform better. Consider us your own raw material warehouse and let us take care rest of the burden.

Quality control and Certificates

Koca Metal is managed by experienced professionals and fully equipped for metal scrap handling 30 x 30 x 20-50 cm baling machine, magnetic separator, crane, forklifts, plasma cutter, thick metal cutting shears, hand held analyzers, radiation detectors, for container loading unloading ramp.




Greetings from General Manager

MüdürKOCA METAL has 35 years of experience on stainless steel and special alloy scrap business.
Our facility is located in Istanbul on 2500 m2 concrete floor area and 500 m2 of which is a closed area. Our production capacity is 7000 tons per year and 50% of it we export and 50% we sell locally.
Our main customers in local market are precision component manufactures and foundries and our main customer in overseas are special alloy and high temperature alloy processors and foundries.Both locally and overseas we work closely with leading scrap dealers and foundries and exceed the expectation of our customers with our high quality products, customer oriented business style.
Addition to scrap business we supply stainless steel rough material to various manufactures where we get their stainless steel scrap. So our principle is to do win win business.
Also, this year we are very excited to have a joint venture with super alloy machining facility which has 6 years of experience in machining high temperature alloys (INCONEL, RENE, WASPALLOY, Ti alloys) Stainless Steel, Alloys Steel; providing excellent service for aerospace, petrochemical and marine industry.
Erhan Koca

Company Princeples

  • Quality

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Win win princeple


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